The Original Tin Cup®

Handmade in the USA

The transcontinental railroad brought together more than just the East and the West coasts of our great country. It brought together thousands of miners, railroad workers, and cowboys over campfires; swapping stories and sipping beverages after a hard day's work. Back then drinking from glass was impractical, glassware just ended up breaking due to the daily dynamite blasts and rough and tumble environment. These creative individuals turned to the material around them, mainly tin to make solid, long-lasting drinkware.

Many of the workers would drink whiskey at night and they found that the tin changed the taste of their whiskey, revealing hidden flavors and notes. They preferred these changes and this altered the way they consumed their whiskey forever. Now, a century later, we're taking the original concept and design to a completely different level with our Original Tin Cup®. Our stainless steel cups are handmade in Michigan and designed to provide the ultimate drinking experience. With the Original Tin Cup®, you can enjoy the full-bodied taste experience from a century ago. Finally, a history worth repeating. 

Our cups are solid, built to last, and one of a kind with custom engraving options. When you buy an Original TIn Cup you are buying a little piece of history while creating a better future by directly supporting American workers.


Original Tin Cup®
The design of this cup is similar to what Railroad workers and miners used over 100 years ago.

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