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Retail Partner Program (OTC RPP)

We are so excited to partner with your team to bring American- Made products to the masses.

Our commitment to quality, transparency, and a one-of-a-kind product experience extends to EVERYONE not just the person enjoying a unique beverage in one of our Hand-Crafted Cups.

We are a small company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a powerful mission. Our commitment to be local and sustainable starts with our stainless and ends with you!

When you do things the right way, it takes time, and it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it, and people take notice! We launched a KickStarter Campaign in conjunction with our initial product launch in December of 2017. We quickly rose to project #68 with over 56,000 projects on KickStarter! We fully funded and exceeded our goal in 10 days, and we have not looked back since!

The cup enhances the flavor profile of beverages when consumed from it.

It allows for the flavor to build, by muting the beginning notes, and expanding the flavorful aftertaste. This allows for the drinker to have a more rounded drinking experience. Try this simple taste test. Take out a 2-oz. shot glass and our Tiny Tin, pour a sip of your favorite beverage in each cup, and sample side-by-side… The difference will be remarkable, we guarantee it!

While every person’s pallet is unique, people often report things like, “smoother” “brighter” “more flavorful.” People notice notes they previously had never experienced before. Our favorite quote came while we were providing a taste test for a group of Airforce Fighter Pilots and one Captain remarked, “This [cup] turns 5 O’clock into Grey Goose!” These reactions are common but NEVER get old.

We are rooted in history.

The transcontinental railroad brought together more than just the east and west coasts of our great country. It brought together thousands of miners over campfires; swapping stories and sipping whiskey after a hard day’s work. They didn’t drink their whiskey out of fancy glasses, however. Glassware was a luxury that ended up breaking due to daily dynamite blasts while on the job so instead they turned to the materials on hand, tin.

The tin changed the taste of the whiskey for the miners, revealing hidden flavors and notes. This altered the way they consumed their whiskey forever. Now, a century later, we’re taking the original concept and design to a completely new level with our Original Tin Cup®. Our stainless steel cups are handmade in Michigan and designed to enhance the taste of whiskeys, bourbons and dark rum. With the Original Tin Cup® you can enjoy the full-bodied taste experience from a century ago. Finally, a history worth repeating.

We are local.

Our raw materials, manufacturing, engraving, packaging, and the team are all US Based. Much of what we do falls within a 35-mile radius of Grand Rapids, Michigan. EVEN THE CARDBOARD in our boxes is local! We truly are born in Grand Rapids, built for the world!

What We Can Do For You

  • We want your business to succeed. We love to see business owners turn a profit. You get to share a unique, sustainable, 100% made in America products with your customers while maintaining the margin you need to be profitable.

  • We are social. We will tweet/post/pin/tag you and your brand on our social feeds. We want to spread the news that you are cool and support small yet sustainable brands like ours.

  • We love to share people’s stories. So much so, that our President, Nate Blury II travels the world filming Cocktail & Conversation Webisodes which highlight people and companies in the hospitality and beverage industries. These stories are met with thousands of views, clicks, and shares to social media. While we cannot feature everyone who carries our products on Cocktail and Conversation, we do our best to tell as many stories as we can. Check out some of our favorites here:

Brand Ambassador Program

Original Tin Cup Co. Celebrates hard-work, crafted, and quality built, American-made, products, and the people who make them. We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity. If you feel the same way, and want to help us celebrated those things, then join us as we spread our message. Whether you're out on a new adventure, sipping a glass of your favorite beverage, or dressed up for a night on the town, we look forward to seeing how you share our love of American made products to your friends and followers! If you're a photographer and simply want the chance for us to feature your work, use #originaltincup or hashtag any of our product names for your chance to be featured.

If you believe in our company, and are active on social media, or are an “influencer” consider becoming an OTC referral partner. Once you sign up, you'll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your social media accounts, blog, or website with your friends and followers. Our affiliate program will track any traffic that comes through that link and we will pay you a commission on any sales as a result of a visit through your link. You will also receive exclusive discounts on products throughout the year. Not a bad way to earn some passive income, right?

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