What’s with the cups changing the taste of my drink? 

  • Our cups were created to enhance flavors of certain types of beverages. We have completed extensive testing and have found that people overwhelmingly prefer to sip and savor their favorite whiskey, bourbon, scotch, dark rum, or a cocktail from an Original Tin Cup. While we can’t guarantee this will be your experience we are confident your OTC will be a unique addition to your drinkware.

Are these cups really made from tin?

  • While our cups pay homage to a time gone by, they are not actually made of tin. OTC cups are made from a special food grade stainless steel. 

So, what does it mean that these cups are handmade?

  • Well, for starters, no two cups are exactly the same. Since we do not use automated machines to mass produce our products, each cup will have some type of distinct marking on the metal. Every cup is one of a kind. 

Where are your cups made?

  • Our cups are made 100% in Michigan. All of our vendors are within 35 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

 Why are your cups so expensive?

  • We believe that making quality products in the USA, in our home state of Michigan, is important. It is important for our local economy, it is important for quality control, it is important to the American families who get a paycheck for creating each cup. Our cups are more expensive because a skilled craftsperson creates each individual cup, making them a special purchase for you to enjoy.

 How do I wash my cups?

  • Our cups can go through the dishwasher but our official recommendation is to hand wash your cups.

 What if I want to order a lot of cups?