Our Story

At the original tin cup Co. we are about quality. The lost art of conversation over fine beverages. We care about the people who use our products, and the stories they tell. We are committed to the environment, to American jobs, and to the pursuit of the perfect cup. While we strive for perfection, we understand that nothing is truly perfect, and just like the people who enjoy our products, no two cups are exactly the same, nor will they ever be!

Our company is based in history:

In the 1800’s when the trans-continental railroad was being built whiskey was a popular drink among the railroad workers. The only problem was that their glasses kept breaking. The solution to the broken glasses was cups that were fashioned out of tin. They soon discovered that the tin changed the taste of the whiskey and they preferred drinking from the tin cup over the glass cup.

At the Original Tin Cup® Company we have modeled our cups on those that were used over 100 years ago. While today’s cups are made of stainless steel, they still enhance the flavor profile of beverages enjoyed from them.

We launched On Kickstarter.

When you do things the right way, it takes time, and it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it, and people take notice! We launched a KickStarter Campaign in conjunction with our initial product launch in December of 2017. We quickly rose to project #68 with over 56,000 projects on KickStarter! We fully funded and exceeded our goal in 10 days, and we have not looked back since!

We make our products in The United States:

Most of the magic happens in our home state of Michigan, but are proud to support the American economy with jobs.

We value our team and our production partners.

We are a small, scrappy, family, full of grit at The Original Tin Cup Co. We value our team, our production partners, and the suppliers who help us make our products. This includes: Robert Mercer Consulting, Superior Manufacturing Solutions, Innovative Cutting and Engraving, Foremost Graphics, and 100s or retail and referral partners in our OTC RRP. Most Importantly we value you! The person reading this, our customer. We wold not be in business if it wasn’t for our customers and they are at the center of everything that we do. This is why in 2019 we launched our Original Tin Cup Care Program which includes a limited lifetime guarantee on our products.

We love to share our story along with other people’s stories.

So much so, that our President, Nate Blury II. travels the country filming Cocktail & Conversation Webisodes which highlight people and companies in the hospitality and beverage industries. These stories are met with thousands of views, clicks, and shares to social media. While we cannot feature everyone who carries our products on Cocktail and Conversation we do our best to tell as many stories as we can. Check out some of our favorites here: www.coctailandconversation.com

Cocktails and Conversation

Every week OTC's Cocktails & Conversation team meet an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry. They highlight their business, and how they got to where they are.